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We are open for any kind of partnership with different kind of companies.
Sure we have common interests with any company or individual which has fresh business ideas.

Sales Representative's Program Overview

gg laboratories’ Sales Representatives are independent contractors who sell our services on a full or part time basis. Sales representatives may be individuals or companies with experience selling iPhone application development,C++, PHP Programming, SEO Marketing, web design and development services or outsourced technology solutions.

The ideal Sales Representative candidate is an experienced technology sales professional who desires an opportunity to supplement his or her income and has established relationships with IT and/or business executives at mid-to large enterprise accounts.

Commission - is generous. We pay 10% on sales to a Sales representative for his or her registered customers.

Promotional Materials – High quality sales and marketing materials that stand out and are customizable, proven to maximize customer interest and acquisition.

Obligations – None. gg laboratories handles registration, billing and customer support.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.